Professional private process servers in Brooklyn, NY  will deliver your court papers according to State laws and

procedures. For Kings County and everywhere else in the City of New York, our dedicated Brooklyn process servers are

authorized by the government to serve your:

Child Support Summons and Petition            Paternity Summons and Petition                Order of Protection     

Child Custody Summons and Petition           Child Visitation Summons                           Divorce Summons and Complaint

Subpoena Duces Tecum                               Subpoena Ad Testificandum                      Demand for Payment

Three-Days Notice to Tenant                        Five- Days Notice  to Tenant                     Thirty-Days Notice to Tenant

Hold Over Petition and Notice                        Notice to Cease and Desist                       Non-Payment Petition and Notice

Notice Terminating Tenancy                          Order to Show Cause                                Notice of Motion and Motion

Summons and Complaint                               Citation                                                      Court Order

Judgment                                                       Notice of Claim                                          Notice of Pendency

Licensed to Serve Legal Documents in Brooklyn, NY and in All Other Counties of the City of New York

My Registered Brooklyn Process Server Will Serve my Family  Court Papers

Get your Family Court summons and petition in Brooklyn and other New York City neighborhoods served in 2-5 days. We will issue the corresponding  
affidavit of service for you to bring to Family Court of the State of New York or your State Family Court.

My Registered Brooklyn Process Server Will Serve my Divorce Papers

Your freedom is within your reach! Get your divorce papers served in New York, including child support papers, separation agreements, child support  
standards chart, notice about health care coverage and all the other needed papers. New York law requires that process service of divorce papers be  
effected in person on Defendant. We know the rules. After the job is done, you will receive a notarized affidavit of service from us. If your spouse refusesto
accept the divorce petition, we have a solution too.

My Registered Brooklyn Process Server Will Serve my Summons and Complaint in New York

Fired from your job, cheated by your business partner, wronged by an entity, hurt in an accident, deceived by a company or person? You file the complaint in
the Civil Court of the City of New York or in the Supreme Court of the State of New York and we will serve it on the Defendant. After service of processis
effected upon Defendant, we will issue the corresponding affidavit of service that the Court clerk requires. Never serve your papers yourself. The law
requires that you, as a party in the case, hire a third party to do process service.

My Registered Brooklyn Process Server Will Serve my Subpoena for Records and My Subpoena to Testify

If you require a witness to appear in Court (Federal Court , Supreme Court, Municipal Court or any other forum), we will serve the subpoena to testify. If you
need to compel him to produce evidence, we will serve your subpoena for records. New York City courts have procedures and rules for service of process
of subpoenas which you must comply with. For instance, a subpoena fee may be required by your Court  to be delivered upon the subpoena recipient or

My Registered Brooklyn Process Server Will Serve the Court Pleadings on Behalf of my Law Office

For many years we have served thousands of court papers sent by solo attorneys and law firms interested in having a licensed process server serve their
court pleadings in New York City. We have satisfied all their requirements and issued the corresponding service returns (proof of service). You can take
advantage of our service, knowing that you are dealing directly with the process servers in New York, us, not a third party, directory or manager. By
assigning the process server directly you can save money and ensure more accountability than if you call a process server manager. We are
independentand we guarantee service. That is why our process service fees are reasonably low.

My Registered Process Server Will Serve my Tenant  with the 30-Day Termination Notice or Holdover Petition.

In a big city like New York , you as a landlord sometimes may consider having your tenants evicted. Behold! Before asking the court for eviction you must
follow mandatory steps required by the Civil Court. There are rules and procedures to comply with, even if you have the most obnoxious tenants in New York
City. We will serve the Notice to Tenant (3, 5 or 30 Day) which is the first thing you must do when you want your tenant out. We will also serve other Civil
Court of the City of New York, Housing Part papers such as hold over petitions, notice of hold over, nonpayment petition, etc. We are experts and we know
how to deal with serving tenants in Brooklyn, NY and other part of New York City.
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All process serving jobs
in New York City are
effected by Registered
Process Servers.

Fee for most jobs
effected anywhere in the
City of New York:  
110.00  per

All Notarized affidavits of
service are free.

Full refund given to you
if process service is not
done (If you provided
Defendant's correct
address).  Guaranteed...
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